What are the major steps in the 504 process?

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1.  When the PST or CT receives a written referral, it sends the parents a copy of the Board of Education policy regarding Section 504 and Notice of Meeting invitation to discuss the reasons for referral and plans to assess the student.

2.  The Team asks the parent to give written consent for the district to evaluate their child by means of formal testing or a review of existing information, records, or evaluations.

3.  The parent provides the district with medical or specialist documentation to support the medical condition, the need for a 504 plan, and recommended accommodations. 

4.  Team members conduct appropriate evaluations to determine if there is any cause to suspect a disability. Reports from outside sources will not be accepted in place of the district conducting it own assessments. 

5.  If a disability is suspected, the PST/CT may request a referral to the Special Education Department for a complete evaluation.

6.  If the PST/CT determines the student does not evidence a disability requiring a referral to the Special Education Department (or) if the special education evaluation determines a student who is referred does not have a disability as specified in Pennsylvania Special Education Law, the PST/CT will then consider if the student is disabled under Section 504 and, if so, will draft an Accommodation Plan.