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Reporting Chromebook Problems/Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting Tips for your Chromebooks

Remote Support for Chromebook

Incident IQ for Reporting Chromebook Issues - If you are experiencing issues with your Chromebook, Please go to this link:  > scroll down to  Incident IQ Remote Ticketing


QUICK TIP FOR A HARD REBOOT:  All at one time - hold in these 3 buttons; power button/escape button/refresh button (this is the little circle with an arrow on the end) for about 30 seconds - then release all 3 at once, close the cover and then open back up - in a few seconds - it should restart.  If you get an error message just push the power button again.


Student Log In / Clever Badges:

  • We can send you another one through email or print one that you can pick up.   
  • You can do a Manual login--with the USER NAME & PASSWORD

USER NAME is *last 2 digits of child's graduation year - *1st 5 letters of last name (if less than 5 use whole last name) - *1st 3 letters of first name)  Examples:  32kellegin  37dayder

PASSWORD is child's student ID #

If you aren't exactly sure of your child's user name or password; email