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School Director Recognition Month

Dear CASD Families,

In honor of school boards’ commitment to our students, schools and communities, January is designated School Director Recognition Month throughout the United States.

School board members are elected to serve 4-year terms and spend an average of 15-20 hours per month reading, attending meetings, and acting on school business. Locally controlled school boards are the backbone of a community and society, ensuring local, state, and federal tax dollars are utilized to provide the best quality education we can afford. Schools are the center hub of our community and bring families and children together for the common good.

I want to thank the CASD Board of Directors for their dedication and service to public education. 

Welcome to the CASD School Board:

  • Michael Hayduk

  • Stephanie Gouss

  • Stephanie Harbaugh

Thank you to the returning School Board Members:

  • Ed Norcross

  • Faye Gaugler

  • Carl McKee

  • Sherian Diller

  • Lance Walker

  • Benjamin Raber

Please take a moment this month to thank your school board director for their tireless efforts in supporting our students. If you are unsure who your school board representative is, visit:


Christopher E. Bigger
Superintendent of Schools
Chambersburg Area School District