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CASD 2022-2023 Climate Survey Results

Dear CASD Families,

The results of the CASD 2022-2023 School Climate Survey are now available to view. The participation of students, staff, and community members has provided us with invaluable feedback, enabling us to better understand the needs and views of our school community.

The survey results can be viewed by accessing the PDF files below. The results are separated by the various groups that were surveyed: parents/guardians, grade 3-5 students, grade 6-12 students, and CASD staff. All results include a detailed breakdown of the data, providing insights into various aspects of our school climate, including safety, communication, relationships, and overall satisfaction. 

This data is the first step in our ongoing commitment to enhancing school climate. The survey data will be further examined by staff at each school, working collaboratively to identify areas that require attention and improvement. We believe that by thoroughly analyzing the results, we can take purposeful actions to address concerns, strengthen positive elements, and foster an environment that nurtures the growth and well-being of both our students and staff.

Thank you for your contributions to our school climate survey. Your voice truly matters, and together we can create a vibrant and inclusive educational community that inspires excellence in learning.


Kurt Widmann
Acting Superintendent
Chambersburg Area School District