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Message for Parents/Guardians Regarding the BeReal App

Dear CASD families,

We are writing to share important information with you regarding BeReal, a social media app that has been rising in popularity among young adults and school-aged children. The following details are being provided to help you make informed decisions for your family when it comes to social media and online safety. 

About the App

  • BeReal is a social media app that can be used on Android and iOs devices. 
  • BeReal users are encouraged to post and share a selfie or photo once a day. Users share their Images either publicly or within a user’s designated ‘My Friends” network (friends or connections they have linked to within the app.)
  • BeReal users may also view images shared publicly and by their friends and connections. The public feed feature allows your child/teen to view images shared by anyone on the BeReal app who has set their sharing settings to public. 
  • The initial sign-up process for BeReal does not require a real name, email address, proof of age, or proof of identity. This creates potential safety risks for users who may not know the true identity of who they are interacting with inside the app.

BeReal Settings & Safety 

Parents/guardians whose children are using the BeReal app should be aware of the following key settings that allow you to create a safer experience for your child or teen. 

  • Privacy Settings: The app has privacy settings that parents/guardians are encouraged to explore so that you are certain your child is only sharing images within their network. You can change the settings from “Discovery” (which allows your child’s images to be seen by anyone) to “My Friends” (which ensures your child’s images are shared within your child’s own network.)
  • Location Settings: Parents/guardians are also advised to check the “Location” settings on their child’s devices and in the BeReal app. Some children/teens may be sharing their location when sharing a photo without knowing it, which could pose a safety concern. 

For More information 

Parents/guardians interested in learning more information about the BeReal app and social media safety may do so at the following sites.