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Substance Abuse Information & Resources

Dear CASD Families,

Substance abuse has a profound effect on the mental and emotional development of children. Across the nation, schools and communities are seeing a rise in alcohol, marijuana, and tobacco (vaping) use. At the Chambersburg Area School District, we work hard to ensure that these illicit substances stay out of our schools. The CASD Police Department regularly employs mitigation tactics, such as the utilization of narcotic detection K9s, program and grade level specific informational/ educational sessions, to ensure our schools are free of drugs. We partner with other law enforcement, juvenile agencies and health care providers.

Additionally, CASD administrators, teachers, support staff, and counselors work as a team to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere where students can feel comfortable sharing any struggles they may have with substance abuse.

Studies have shown that one of the biggest factors in decreasing adolescent substance abuse is parental/guardian involvement. We encourage you to have a conversation with your child(ren) about the risks of drug use. As a parent/guardian and role model, you have the opportunity to reduce your child(ren)’s desire to try illicit substances during his or her school years. To assist you in these conversations, we have a number of links and resources to both local and national organizations that specialize in substance abuse training and information.

As always, we hope to partner together with parents/guardians and our community to ensure Chambersburg area children stay safe and receive the quality education they deserve.


Dr. Dion Betts
Superintendent of Schools
Chambersburg Area School District