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You Matter

Dear CASD Families,

Each and everyone of our students matter. They each have a unique background and story. Each student has had and will have yet unknown contributions to their families, friends and community.

Each and everyone of our students belong to our community of learners.

Each and everyone of our students have unique learning needs and areas of brilliance.

Our first order of business to help children learn optimally is to ensure that all children feel like they belong. The research shows this. This was a key theme in our professional development week prior to school opening. The second key theme in educating children is ensuring that all children’s learning needs are met.

These key themes are found in the work of our growing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion DEI) Team, led by Luther Green and Thomas Knepper.

We are delivering the approved and established curriculum in a learning environment that addresses those two key themes.

The DEI Team will be working this year on expanding the number of individuals on the team, collecting information on what actions will be needed and creating an action plan. This plan will be aligned with our approved district goals. All of which will be made public.

Dr. Dion Betts
Superintendent of Schools
Chambersburg Area School District