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CMS Teacher Mr. Barra Wins February Pay-it-Forward Kindness Challenge

mr. barra

Joseph Barra, Science Teacher at the Chambersburg Career Magnet School (CMS) won the February Pay-it-Forward Kindness Challenge. Multiple CMS students nominated Mr. Barra for the award, and shared how he makes them want to be kind, compassionate, and help others in need. Mr. Barra was recognized at the February 25 Board Meeting with a Superintendent's Commendation and Trojan pin.

The Superintendent's Commendation reads:
"This commendation is presented to an individual who espouses kindness, compassion, and selfless service to the school district and its staff and students. Joseph Barra is the winner of the February Kindness Challenge, inspiring others to pay it forward."

Students also produced a video of the moment Mr. Barra was informed of winning this award. View the video at the link below:

mr. barra

mr barra