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January is School Director Recognition Month


In honor of school boards’ commitment to students, schools and communities, January is designated School Director Recognition Month.

Pennsylvania public schools educate nearly 2 million students, over 9,000 of which are in the Chambersburg Area School District (CASD). The nine members of each local school board are a key part of the district’s administrative team, making informed decisions that shape public schools and provide a pathway to success for every student.

To thank these locally elected officials, the Chambersburg Area School District presented each board director with a certificate of appreciation at the January 21st regular board meeting.

“The public often does not get to see the countless hours that school board members put into their (unpaid) work," said Dr. Dion Betts, Superintendent at CASD. "School board members should feel a great deal of satisfaction knowing that the decisions that make will have an impact on children for now and many years to come.”

School directors devote numerous hours each month to the challenging and complex responsibilities of board business, including adopting policy, voting on budgets, evaluating school security issues and reviewing hiring decisions.

Please join us in thanking the CASD Board of Directors for their selfless service on behalf of the district, students, administration, faculty, staff, families and community.

To thank your school board representative directly, you can find their contact info at the link below: