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C3 Learning Holds Informational Night


The first C3 Information night was held on Thursday, August 1st, with 25 in attendance.  The highlight of the evening was hearing from a panel of C3 alumni, current students and parents. 

These individuals shared personal stories about their C3 experience through a question and answer format including what a typical day “looks” like, how our program prepared them for their future, what involvement parents’ shared in this educational opportunity and how instructors support students.

Maria-Luiza Takahashi, student, shared that “she was an independent learner and found C3 to be very accommodating.”  Luke, Maria-Luiza’s therapy dog and a partner in her education, also attended the evening. Students and parents also rotated through curriculum stations by grade and content area interacting with our instructors.

Staff also offered a hands-on cyber experience of Odesseyware (our curriculum) so those in attendance could see first-hand how the program works.  Any specific curriculum concerns were also addressed by cyber learning professionals. C3 welcomes anyone interested in a cyber-education to visit our website at