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CASD Board Votes to Approve Dr. Dion E. Betts as Next Superintendent

dr betts

The Board of School Directors of the Chambersburg Area School District is pleased to announce that at the January 22, 2019, Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors, the Board voted to approve the appointment of Dr. Dion E. Betts as the next Superintendent of the Chambersburg Area School District for a term to commence July 1, 2019, through June 30, 2024.  Dr. Betts was selected after a national search and from a pool of over thirty qualified candidates with the assistance of Dr. Dwight Pfennig and Dr. Jack McCulley of Hazard, Young, Attea and Associates, a leading education leadership recruitment firm. The selection process used a leadership profile that was developed from input from a variety of employee and constituent groups.

Presently, Dr. Betts is an Assistant Superintendent with the School District of Philadelphia, where he is responsible for the education of well over 23,000 students, and has served in this capacity since 2013.  Prior to his tenure with the School District of Philadelphia, he served as the Superintendent of Boyertown Area School District.  Before Boyertown, Dr. Betts served as the Assistant to the Superintendent for Instructional Support, where he supervised pupil services and special education, included instruction support, gifted education, and alternative education.  As for his educational pedigree, Dr. Betts has his Doctorate of Education in School Administration, a Master’s of the Arts in Psychology and Music, and a Master’s of the Sciences in Education with a focus on special education.

The Board was very happy with the search process, and we want to thank all of the employees and members of the public who took the time to provide initial input and feedback to our consultants to help aide in our selection of a candidate.  The Board feels that Dr. Betts emerged as the best fit for the Superintendent position, in the future.  Dr. Betts’ diverse educational background and strong leadership skills will enable the District to move forward and improve the education that the District provides to all students in the Chambersburg community.

Dr. Padasak will continue to serve as the Superintendent until his retirement on June 30, 2019.  However, Dr. Betts will be joining us beginning March 1, 2019, and will be the District’s Chief Educational Officer prior to assuming the responsibilities of Superintendent effective July 1, 2019.  A more formal meet and greet will be scheduled at a date in the near future to give employees and community members the opportunity to meet and interact with Dr. Betts.