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PA State Police Announce Initiative to Visit Schools

Governor Tom Wolf and Acting Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) Commissioner Lieutenant Colonel Robert Evanchick announced this week that troopers across the state will visit schools and colleges located in their primary coverage areas on a consistent basis.

In a press release from the PSP, Lieutenant Colonel Evanchick stressed that the safety checks are a proactive measure, not a response to any threat or incident. Troopers will visit at different times throughout the day and night, sometimes simply checking the exterior and parking areas, while other times going inside to interact with students and staff.

“Parents should not be alarmed if they see an increased state police presence at their child’s school or hear about a trooper making an appearance in the cafeteria at lunchtime,” Evanchick continued. “These visits are intended to be a positive experience between troopers, students, and educators.”

While the District maintains its own police force, we welcome the PSP visits and will continue to be in regular contact with State Troopers. The District appreciates the Governor’s and the State Police’s support in providing a safe environment for students to learn and grow.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child's building principal.

Learn more about the School Safety Task Force here

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