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    Student Goals

    Setting Goals is a helpful guide as you plan, monitor, and manage your own educational, career, and personal-social development.

    • Set challenging educational, career, and personal-social goals that are based on self-knowledge and information about school, the world of work, and your society;
    • Make plans for achieving short-, intermediate-, and long-term goals;
    • Analyze how your strengths and weaknesses enhance or hinder the achievement of your goals;
    • Assess your current progress toward your goals; and
    • Make decisions that reflect your plans.

    Test Taking Strategies

    1. Get a good night's rest.

    2. Eat a healthy breakfast.

    3. Dress comfortably -- spring weather is unpredictable.  Chambersburg Area School District standards of dress permit "the layered look," i.e., sweatshirts, cardigans and lightweight sweaters.

    4. Think positive.  Imagine yourself doing well. 

    5. If you feel nervous, close your eyes and breathe deeply to calm yourself.

    6. When you're finished, check your work for mistakes.

    7. Don't worry if other students finish before you -- a test is not a race. Take time to do your best.