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  •    Want to Be a Scotland Scottie Volunteer?


         Volunteer FAQ:

          Who is a visitor? Someone who might be presenting to a group a students who remain under the supervision of the classroom teacher (ex- guest readers, Kiwanis dictionary distribution, Officer Phil, etc.)

    ·     Who is a volunteer? An individual who have some type of supervision over students while in the building (classroom parties, working with small groups/individual students on skills, running stations, etc.)

    ·     Do I need all clearances even if I'm helping for one day? Yes, any volunteer MUST have ALL clearances before assisting in the classroom/school. There are no exceptions

          What is needed for clearances? Visit the CASD HR website and locate the link for volunteer information found along the left hand side or click on the link above!


    Schools will be getting an improved visitor sign-in station very soon.  This system will be used to scan ids. All visitors/volunteers will be provided with a sticker/badge upon signing into this system (located in the office).  The PA Department of Human Services site may help to clarify additional questions.