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    Welcome to Mrs. Zychal's Fourth Grade Classroom   

  • Important Information: 

    Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! I am excited for this new school year and the opportunity to get to know your child as we begin our time together in fourth grade reading class.  We are all hoping for as "normal" of a year as possible.  The fourth grade team here at Scotland has a fourth grade website.  All three of the teachers, Mrs. Hoffman, Mr. Mosher, and myself use this website daily.  All assignments and links are posted there as well as important fourth grade information.  Your child will be using this website daily.  I have attached the link below.

    Open House for fourth grade this year is on Thursday, August 19th at 6:30.  We look forward to meeting you.  



    All students who attended the Chambersburg School District last year retained their chromebooks over the summer.  Please make sure it is in good working order and that your child brings his/her charged chromebook to school on the first day of school and everyday.  We will be using a blended learning model of instruction which incorporates technology everyday.


     If you have questions regarding your child's chromebook please contact the school office.



     When possible students should have materials that are for their own personal use.  Some of the following materials will make participation in different lessons and activites possible whether we are virtual or in school.  

    • A one subject notebook for written responses
    • Crayons, markers, colored pencils
    • Glue stick
    • Scissors
    • Pencils and a sharpener

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