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    Behavior Counts

    Buchanan Rules

    1.  Follow directions.

    2. Respect others and their possessions.

    3.  Use appropriate language.

    Ticket System

    • No tickets pulled:  Great job
    • 1st ticket pulled:  Caution
    • 2nd ticket pulled:  Walk 5 minutes
    • 3rd ticket pulled:  Walk 10 minutes
    • 4th ticket pulled:  Report to prinicipal/ head teacher, call home




      Buchanan News        HOTLINE- 261-5680        Spanish- 261-5684












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    We have been excited to see our caterpillars transform into beautiful monarch butterflies.  We had 15 girls and 13 boys.  Ask your child how they can tell the difference.  We hope our butterflies have a safe trip as they migrate to Mexico.

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    Achoo!!!  Achoo!! Help we need more tissues. It has been a long winter and we have used our school supply.  Please send in one box of tissues.  Thanks so much!!!! 


  • Practice math facts for 10-15 min. each night.




Math Fact Masters

  • Math Focus Points

    How do we:

    -Develop fluency with +1, +2, +10, doubles and near doubles to 20

    -Develop fluency with -1, -2 -10, doubles and near doubles to 20

    - Add and subtract within 100

    - Tell time to the Hald hour using Am and PM 

    Identify coins and count their value to a dollar 


Classroom News


    • Donations of antibacterial wipes would be greatly appreciated
    • Please bring a box of tissues for our class
    • Yellow #2 pencils, erasers, highliters are always needed 
    • Only water in a closed top bottle may be brought to school during the day
    • Check your child's bookbag each night


Special Subjects

    • Day 1-  Art
    • Day 2-  Library- Don't forget your books
    • Day 3-   Gym-Don't forget sneakers
    • Day 4-  Music
    • Day 5-  None

Book Order Time

  • Class code for ordering on line is:   GQZCW






     (Thanks class for helping me remember this with this great acrostic.)

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