• PE Department Mission:

    Our mission is to create a positive environment that promotes and motivates students to personally value a health and physically active lifestyle now and in the future.



    Your child has PE once every five days. Because of the rotating schedule (vacations, holidays, etc), PE will not always be on the same day of the week.  Please try to help your child keep track of the ‘days’ so they come to class prepared.




    My goal is to provide your child with a safe and successful learning environment. In order for this to happen, students need to be dressed appropriately. Footwear and clothing are the biggest hindrances to being physically active. Sneakers are the only option for shoes; other types of footwear can cause safety concerns during class. PE is a more structured setting than recess, so students should dress accordingly.


    • All students are required to wear SNEAKERSNO sandals, clogs, crocs, boots, heelies, mary-janes, vans, slip-ons, or dress shoes. Sneakers MUST have a way to stay on the child’s foot (Velcro, laces, bungees, etc). No slip-on ‘sneakers’ please!
    • Please make sure your child dresses in layers. Depending on the weather and time of year, we may have class outside. Hats and/or sunglasses are acceptable while outdoors.
    • Loose fitting pants must be worn with a belt. Students should not be holding pants up as they run. Also, pants should not be covering shoes as the child walks/runs—this is a safety issue.
    • Jewelry is not recommended—especially dangly earrings, necklaces, or bracelets
    • Tight fitting clothes, skirts, dresses, and tank topsare not recommended.



    My belief is that students need to learn basic movement patterns, as well as fundamental skills. Your child will participate in a variety of activities and games that will give them numerous opportunities to practice these skills. I will be assessing their progress/mastery of these skills throughout the year. Their grade, however, will not be based solely on their skills. Several other key components will make up their grade.


    Students will be graded in the following areas:

    *Appropriate footwear 




    *Basic Movements/Skills 

    *Following Directions



    My job is to look out for the safety of my students. If there is an issue or concern that impacts your child’s ability to participate in class, please let me know about it. I will do my best to accommodate any injuries/illnesses, provided that I have been made aware of the situation.


    Students will need a note signed by a parent to be excused from PE class. A doctor’s note is required if the excuse extends beyond one class period. Students who cannot participate for an extended amount of time will be given alternate assessment (packets, projects, jobs during class, etc). Please make sure each of the following people are aware of the note/excuse—the nurse, office, classroom teacher, and PE teacher.


    PE Rules:


    1. FREEZE when music stops (indoors) or you hear whistle (outdoors).
    2. LISTEN and follow the directions the FIRST time.
    3. Follow all school rules—especially NO GUM!
    4. Treat teacher, classmates and equipment with respect.
I heart PE

    Use the information below to sign up for a weekly message from "REMIND". 

    You will receive a text message on the morning of your child's PE day that looks something like this...

    "Your child has PE today. Please remind him/her to wear sneakers to school. Thank you!"

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PE Rubric

    Day 1 - Scotland

    Day 2 - Scotland

    Day 3 - Buchanan

    Day 4 - Buchanan

    Day 5 - Scotland