•  Important News for Second Grade

  • Dear Second Grade Students and Families, 

    WELCOME! I am so glad to have you here.  You will be joining the team of Mrs. Fox, and Mrs. Widmann.  In second grade, we switch classes for our subjects.  I will be teaching Reading and Writing, and Mrs. Widmann will be teaching Math, Science and Social Studies. Your children will become proficient and efficient learners. You will be amazed at the growth in your child. The expectations set forth by our state are high, encourage independency, and increase stamina in the children. 

    There will be homework in Second Grade.  Reading homework possibly be repetitive reading of a passage on their reading level focusing on vocabulary development, comprehension, citing evidence, and writing about their thinking and a Grammar or Spelling activity. This should only be a 20-25 minute process. 

    A new district focus this year is on phonics instruction which will help your child become a stronger reader. I would encourage reading with your child and discussing the story, article, recipe, newspaper and of course the old stand by...cereal box. Reading can be anywhere, anything, or anytime.  

    We appreciate your support in anticipation of a fabulous year of 2nd grade. Please don’t hesitate to contact your child’s homeroom teacher with any questions!

    If and when you have any concerns or questions regarding your child please email me (tonya.fox@casdonline.org or call me 261-3460) and I promise I will return communication with you within 24-hours.

    As always, take care,

    Mrs. Fox (Tonya)