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    Welcome to Mrs. Bricker's Second Grade Class!


  • My name is Mrs. Bricker and I am one of four second grade teachers at Scotland Elementary School. This will be my 19th year teaching for Chambersburg and my 18th year teaching at Scotland. I will be teaching math, science, and social studies to the 2-1 and 2-2 classes.


    About Me:

    I am married to Mr. Rich Bricker who is a band teacher at CAMS North. We have been married for 18 years. We have four children. Our oldest is Noah who is going into tenth grade. Liam is our second son and he is entering fifth grade. Emma and Drew are our twins and they are going into fourth grade. We have an energetic sheepadoodle named Ellie who joined our family in May 2020. In May of 2023 we added Jaxon, a very energetic labradoodle, to our family. 

    Prior to being married, I lived most of my childhood and young adult life in Shippensburg. I graduated from Shippensburg University in 2000 with a Bachelors in Elementary Education and an Early Childhood Certification. In 2010, I completed my Masters in Reading and Math through Walden University. I am from a military family. My father made a career of serving in the Army. My mother was in the Navy. My brother went in the the Air Force. So, instead of joining the Marines, I went to college and became a teacher.

Second Grade's Math Focus:

  • The main focus for second grade math is place value. Having a more solid understanding of place value will develop further develop students' number sense. Students will work with numbers up through 1,000. This includes reading, writing, counting, adding and subtracting numbers. We will also explore the foundation for multiplication and division and how they are connected with adding and subtracting. In addition to these concepts, we will work on measurement, geometry, and fractions.


Specials' Schedule for 2023-24

  • Day 1 --  Music

    Day 2 -- Physical Education

    Day 3 -- Library

    Day 4 -- Art

    Day 5 -- No Special

Second Grade Math Curriculum