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    Scotland Elementary School

  • One of the original schools in Scotland was a two room school constructed around 1870.  There were two large classrooms separated by a wide hall.  Each room was furnished with double seats and desks, and heated by a pot bellied coal stove.  The room on the west end served as the Primary classroom, while the other was the Grammar School.  Overtime, the building was modernized with bathrooms, oil-fired central heating, and new lighting.  Today, the building has been converted into a private dwelling.

    Scotland Elementary School was constructed in 1916 of one room.  An additional classroom was added in 1937.  In 1950, four more classrooms were added.  Followed by a third addition of six classrooms in 1958.  The school continued to educate approximately 300 students until December 2004 and was demolished in 2007.

    The new Scotland Elementary School opened its doors in January 2005 and is now a learning community for over 450 students.  There are three to four classrooms dedicated to the education of each grade level, first through fifth.  In addition, we have four Full Day Kindergarten classes.