• Hello! and welcome to the New Franklin Elementary School homepage. Our school is made up of nearly 200 students coming from the village of New Franklin and a section of the borough of Chambersburg near Orchard Drive. Our students represent multiple countries and we have four different languages spoken between students and staff in the building. The building went through a massive construction process several years ago, so if you haven't been by since the 1970s or 80s, drive by, it's quite the difference. 
    It's been nearly 2 months since students left our building to be all virtual again and students will remian virtual for a while longer. While students remian virtual, I thank all of the parents, grandeparents, aunts/uncles, and everybody who are helping and monitoring the students while they're learning with our teachers. I would ask that you not simply give them the answer. Productive struggle is good for kids; not trying and giving up is not. Check their work in OdessyWare and/or Google Classroom Assignments and have them explain it to you. The way kids are taught now, isn't like what most of us experienced "back in the day." If you or your student(s) are struggling emotionally, please let us know. Our counselors are available to help.
    One of the biggest issues we've had this year is attendance for students who are at various baby sitters in the area. If you get an attendance letter from us, that means the student is not logging on to their live sessions. If students attend some of the sessions that day, but not the rest, it will be marked as a half day absent. That's why it's important for you to let us know if your child is absent. Wednesdays are still a question for some. While there are no live sessions on Wednesday, teachers are still posting work for students to do. It needs to be done by Wednesday night so the teacher can check it Thursday morning. The state has not lowered attendance expectations or requirements, even in this learning environment. If you have any attendance questions, please contact your child's teacher first. Mrs. Hollar keeps track of any attendance or doctor notes and they can be emailed to her - melinda.hollar@casdonline.org

    Like everybody else, I'm hoping we can get back to our "old" normal as soon as possible! If you have any questions, feel free to email me, richard.snyder@casdonline.org, as that's the fastest way since I cover two elementary schools.


    Have a great day! Richard Snyder