School Supplies

    • I will supply pencils, crayons, scissors, paper, notebooks, and white board markers.
    • You are responsible for a book bag and a take home folder which will be used daily.  Please put your child's name on both.
    • If possible please provide earbuds or a headset for your child.  Place them in a gallon size bag with your child's name on the bag.  Students then only use their own and seem to take better care of the equipment.
    • Also you may supply a water bottle with a pull top.  Don't forget to write the student's name on it.
    • Donations are gladly accepted throughout the year for:  hand sanitizer, Kleenexes, and whiteboard markers.







    Dive into a book!

    Everyday, you should be reading at least 10 minutes a day.  You can read to yourself, your parents, your siblings, your grandparents, your pets, and even your stuffed animals.  Remember to update your monthly reading log each night.  Your reading log should be turned in the first school day after the end of the month.

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    For students eating breakfast at school, the doors open at 8:40.  Students should be finished eating and on the way to their rooms before school starts at 9:00. 

    All other students, the doors open at 8:45.

Our Weekly Schedule


    Day 1 - Library with Mrs. Berrier (Summer books should be returned.)

    Day 2 -  Art with Mrs. Truax

    Day 3 -  Music with Ms.  Tomaro

    Day 4 -   Physical Education with Mrs. Hoffman (Sneakers are required.)

    Day 5 - No Special