• Mrs. Stumbaugh's First Grade Class

    Welcome to first grade! We are busy learning how to read, write, and be mathematicians! 


    Concepts to Practice at Home


    Math: They will have a math packet to practice fluency every week.  They will get the packet on Friday and it will be due the following Friday. 



    Reading: Students will bring home one book to read to their "coach".  They also have a Fry sight word book to practice reading the words fluently. 



     Spelling: Students will have a spelling test every Friday.  They will write the words for their test in their spelling book on Monday and then practice at home throughout the week before the test on Friday.






     Daily Routines:

    Your First Grader will continue to learn a lot about responsibility this year.  It is their responsibility to check their folder and turn in all paper and notes from home each day.  Please continue to help your child be successful by checking their folder every night and assisting them in completing assignments.  They will have a Behavior Calendar.  Please keep the Behavior Calendar in their take home folder.  The Homework Folder needs to come back every day with the Reading log signed and the math packet completed every Friday.  Please be helping your child write his or her name correctly with first letter capital and the rest of the letters lowercase.  It really helps us complete our work at school if we can write our names quickly. 


    If you would like to donate any tissues, Clorox wipes, and hand sanitizer throughout the year they are always very useful in our classroom!


    Here are some school supplies that each student will have to bring with them to school: 2 one inch binders and a pencil case bag.  Please get 1 black binder and 1 blue binder.   Please keep the pencil case small so it can fit behind their chair in the chair pocket.  We do not have desks so storage is limited. 





  • Specials

    Day 1 Art

    Day 2 Computers

    Day 3 Music

    Day 4 Library

    Day 5: Physical Ed.