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    Sailing Through First Grade 
    First grade must be the best grade ever!  It is so exciting - reading books we get to pick ourselves.  We are fanstastic at picking "good-fit" books to read.  We love getting to choose where we sit when we read.  Our class has many inviting spots so it is really hard to choose.  We could read all day, but then we would miss out on Eureka Math! It is always fun to try our fluency activities.  We will be busy trying to do better at Sprints.  We are great problem-solvers!  We try to come up with all kinds of strategies to solve problems!   We are sad when we have to clean up, but then we would miss out on Writer's Workshop.  Writing a narrative is really very cool!!  We can write about anything we choose.  We keep our narratives in our Writer's Notebooks and then we have a whole collection.  Some days we have a project to complete.  We also get to write informational pieces and opinion pieces.  Those are awesome days!!  Yeah, first grade must be the best grade ever!
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