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    My teaching philosophy is aligned with the CASD Mission Statement.

    CASD Mission Statement
    The Chambersburg Area School District will partner with families and the community to prepare all students for success as responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

    Belief Statements  

    • Student, family, school, and community share the responsibility and accountability for learning.
    • Every student deserves a well-rounded education with high academic standards.
    • Every student can be successful.
    • Every student learns differently.
    • Learning takes place best in a positive and safe environment.
    • Meaningful instruction has a real-world application.
    • Learning is lifelong.
  • Jennifer Jamelli

    8th Grade English

    Indiana University of Pennsylvania (2003/BA in English)

    Wilson College (2004/Secondary English Certificate)

    National University (2010/MA in English)