Mrs. Bender

Homework and Important Dates

  • Homework Assignments/Test and Quiz Dates

    All classes:    


     Test and Quiz Dates:

    • Vocabulary 1 Test =  Friday, 9/7/18. See below for some help in studying. Students will also be receiving the the Vocab 2 word list that day, which will be due Friday, 9/14/18.
    • MAPS Testing is on 9/12/18 and 9/13/18 for Team 8A.
    • "The Moustache" plot map is due on Monday, 9/10/18. "The Moustache" PDF
    • "The Moustache"Questions are due Wed., 9/12 for Cores 3 &4, Thurs., for Cores 1 & 2 Moustache Questions


    **Need help studying your parts of speech? Visit   Grammar Gorillas    or   Grammar Games for punctuation and parts of speech practice!

    **Need help studying your vocabulary words?  You can use to help you study.  It's free!  You can also get the Quizlet app for your smartphone! 


Go, Trojans!

  •     The Class of 2023 rocks!       

    Please visit this page and Sapphire often. 

    This is where you can find homework assignments,

    test dates, and project information. 


    **Please bring a pencil to class!**    


    In order to have a successful year in all of your classes, please remember to follow the 4P's:

    • Be Prompt
    • Be Prepared
    • Be Polite
    • Be Positive

Teaching Philosophy

  • My teaching philosophy is aligned with the CASD Mission Statement.

    The Chambersburg Area School District will partner with families and the community to prepare all students for success as responsible citizens and lifelong learners.

      Belief Statements

    • Student, family, school, and community share the responsibility and accountability for learning.
    • Every student deserves a well-rounded education with high academic standards.
    • Every student can be successful.
    • Every student learns differently.
    • Learning takes place best in a positive and safe environment.
    • Meaningful instruction has a real-world application.
    • Learning is lifelong.

    About Mrs. Bender 

    Mrs. Bender was born in Chambersburg and graduated from CASHS in 1991.  After high school she studied at Shippensburg University and earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in English (with secondary certification) in 1995.  After a few years of substituting, she was hired by the Chambersburg Area School District and currently has 21 years of English classroom experience. In her spare time, Mrs. Bender enjoys reading, interior design, bird watching, and gardening.  She and her husband of 18 years also enjoy traveling and spending time with family, friends, and  O-ie, their cat.

Want to Order Books from Scholastic?

  • Scholastic Book Orders:

    Parents and students,

    If you are interested in ordering books from Scholastic, please use the link below, along with the activation code.

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      Activation Code: H6M9L

    Mrs. Alexander takes care of our Scholastic Book Orders, so please look for her name.