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    Ancient History

    Mr. Cote

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    Room 229

    Life in the Middle Ages (PDF)


  •  DUE DATES! 

    3/19/19 Greek Mythology Project Due

    -If turning in your Mythology Project on Google Classroom use the following codes below:

    Core 1 dqokvx0

    Core 2 aiem8t

    Core 3 7kpao0

    Core 4 d2ps6d

    3/21/19 Rome Mapping Exercise Due (20 Points & PDF)

    4/3/19 Rome Quiz 1 (30 Points: Geography, Foundation of Rome, Roman Army, Punic Wars & The Republic)

    4/5/19 Julius Caesar Bio-Poem Due (20 Points)

    4/18/19 Gladiator Trading Cards Due (35 Points, PDF)

    5/7/19 Rome Unit Test, Rome Dictionary & Rome Study Guide Due

    5/10/19 Rome Postcard Assignment Due (20 Points)

Contact Mr .Cote


    Email: phillip.cote@casdonline.org

    CAMS North Phone Number: 717-261-3366


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Course Materials

  • Course Materials:School Materials: Notebook, binder, pencil, pen and paper

    The Following is a list of school supplies that will be needed for this school year:

    1. Pencils-Regular or mechanical (One is needed for everyday of school)

    2. 1.5 Inch Binder to 3 Inch Binder (Your Choice)

    3. The most important piece of school supplies to bring is your BRAIN!

Teacher Philosophy


    Over the course of this school year we will do many fun and exciting activities, but in order to participate in these we must first follow a set plan for room 229. Our classroom must be a safe, respectful, honest and sensitive learning environment. In order to establish such an environment you and I will share the following by completing a contract. Everyone will sign off on the bottom of this contract. By signing this contact you agree to the guidelines that are written above.

    These are the time-periods and civilizations that students will be studying during this school year:

    • Prehistory/Early ManThe Parthenon
    • Fertile Crescent
    • Ancient Egypt
    • Ancient China
    • Ancient Greece
    • Ancient Rome
    • Middle Ages


Late Work Policy


    • I expect you to submit all of your assignments on the assigned due date, unless you have an "excused absence."
    • If there is an "excused absence" all missed work will be located in the absence bin in my classroom.
    • Your work should be completed before you enter the classroom. If it is not completed then it will be marked late.
    • Late Work Policy: Late work will be accepted untill the end of the parking period but 10% will be deducted from the earned grade.
    • A late homework assignment should be placed in the correct core # late assignment bin located by the windows.
    • If a zero appears on the Community Web Portal for an assignment that means it was not turned in on time and I still have not received it.
    • Electonic copies of graded assignments can be found on the resources page of my school website. Also students can pick up a paper copy of any graded assignment from the "Extra Copies of Graded Assignments" bin in the back of my classroom.Click link to direct to resouces page: /Page/9943