• Mr. Alexander Team 7C

    Ancient History

  • The following is a list of supplies that you will need

    for Ancient History this year:


    1. Pencil- You will need a pencil in my class everyday.

    2.Notebook paper- Wide ruled or college ruled paper will work.

    3. Binder- 1.5 inch binder is encouraged.

    4. It is also important to come to class with a good attitude.

  • Welcome to Mr.Alexander's Ancient History class(room 228)! I will be your history teacher this year on Team 7C. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you and I am excited to start another great year at CAMS North. The following is a list (in order) of units that we will be studying this year.

    1.Prehistory/Early Humans:

    2.Fertile Crescent:

    3.Ancient Egypt:

    4.Ancient China:

    5.Ancient Greece:

    6.Ancient Rome:

    7.Middle Ages: