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  • Soon, students will be able to use the library's STEAM Kits during activities period.   The kits will be available shortly after Labor Day.  

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  • Ever wonder what happens in the school library throughout the year?  Check out the end of the year library report:  Library Report

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Mrs. Miller is Reading

  • The Letter For the King

    by Tonke Dragt Year Published: 2013

    A young boy who will become a knight by daybreak is suddenly pulled to deliver a letter to a mysterious knight for the king.  However, the knight ends up being murdered because fo the letter and teh boy must set off on a dangerous journey to deliver this letter to the king.

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  • What Light

    by Jay Asher Year Published: 2016

    Every year Sierra's family travels to California to run their Chrsitmas tree stand.   This year with the looming threat that it might be her families last Christmas in California, due to declining sales, Sierra finds romance with a boy everyone tells her to stay away.

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  • The Boy at the Top of the Mountain

    by John Boyne Year Published: 2015

    A young boy loses both his father and mother and ends up being adopted by his aunt who is a housekeeper at Hitler's mountain home.   

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  • As Old as Time

    by Liz Braswell Year Published: 2016

    This is a twisted fairly tale for Beauty Beast that claims Belle's mother was the one who cursed the Beast.   An interesting take on Beauty and the Beast.

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  • Solo

    by Kwame Alexander Year Published: 2017

    Blade has a famous rock star father, who is often in the news for his behavior and lifestyle choices.  Meanwhile, Blade is trying to figure out who he is and growing up with a famous father who gets a lot of negative attention. This book may appear thick and long, but is quick paced because it is written in song, text message and poem format.   What looks like a shallow character reveals a very deep person.   

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