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    The CAMS North Building Helpdesk is available to give immediate assistance to staff and students with technology related issues. 

    Child fixing  


      Please submit all technology hardware, software or network service issues through IncidentIQ.    

      Do not submit more than one incident into a request

      Schedule the following technology resourses through IncidentIQ: 

    • Mobile Labs   

    • Computer Labs  

    • Projectors   

    • SmartBoards   

    When your scheduled time for the mobile labs is completed, please call me at 60221. Do not give the keys to another teacher to use unless they have them scheduled.  The last teacher who has them scheduled will be responsible for the laptops. 

     Staff and students who get locked out of their accounts do not need to submit a request.  Contact the building helpdesk by phone or email.      


    Why Use IncidentIQ?

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