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    Mrs. Slozat’s Weekly Homework Log – Week of May 14th


    Breakfast - If your child eats breakfast at school, remind them to go directly to the cafeteria when they get off the bus.

    Snack – Students may bring a snack to eat at afternoon recess. Please write their name on their snack. The snack does not have to be an item from the Healthy Happy Classroom brochure.

    Birthdays – We eat birthday treats with our lunch at 11:30 a.m. There are 23 students in our class. The student that has a soy allergy is going to provide their own treat when we have birthday so you only need to send a birthday treat for 23 students. Remember that birthday treats must be a prepackaged sealed item from the Healthy Happy Classroom brochure.

    Email - If you would like to contact me via email, my address is patti.slozat@casdonline.org. I usually am not able to read my email until after school. Your child’s learning comes first.  

    Day 1   Library - Remember your book!

    Day 2   No Special                                                                  

    Day 3   Art

    Day 4   Gym – Remember your sneakers!

    Day 5   Music


    No Homework:   

    We have completed all of our high frequency words!  Please continue to review them over the summer.  Also have your child read to you and have your child listen to you read every day!  Thank you for helping your child with their homework all school year!  The students have made amazing growth!


    Monday:  Day 1


    Tuesday:  Day 2       Field Trip at Caledonia State Park   


    Field Trip Information:

    Your child will not need money for this field trip.  The field trip begins at 9:45 a.m. and ends around 2:30.   Please have your child dress appropriately for the day.  They will partake in various outdoor activities so sneakers, a labeled water bottle, a small drawstring back pack & a jacket are recommended. 

    THEY WILL BE EATING LUNCH AT THE PARK!   If your child did not order a lunch from the school district (It was on the field trip consent form you signed), please send a disposable lunch with them.  You may want to send insect repellant and sunscreen with your child too.  They must be able to apply it themselves as I am not permitted to do so.  On previous field trips, we have not had problems with insects.


    Wednesday:  Day 3 


    Thursday:  Day 4  Tropical day


    Friday:  Day 5 

    Looking Ahead:

    Thursday, May 24th, is Field Day.  Friday, May 25th, is the last day of school and a 2-hour early dismissal.  Wear your spirit wear!




    Husky Folders:   Your child will place their mail from school in the left hand pocket. Anything that needs to be returned and handed in on the NEXT school day, please place in the right-hand pocket. This will

    greatly help your child to know just what items need to be turn in. Please check your child’s folder every day! J