Mrs. Bump

    Reading and Writing

  • The following are important skills that students should be able to do prior to entering fourth grade.  Please review the skills and assist your child this summer with practicing these items so they are ready for fourth grade.  

    4th Grade ELA-Please see attached document

    1. Practice using legible handwriting
    2. Practice spelling sight words (list posted on school website)
    3. Read for 20 minutes consistently
    4. Have discussions with children about what they are reading by questioning and asking opinions (list posted on school website)

    4th Grade Math

    1. Fluently (3 sec./fact) recall basic addition, subtraction, and multiplication facts 
    2. Tell time using an analogue clock
    3. Count and use money

    Welcome Back to School!!!

    Just a few notes to start everyone off on the right foot for the 2019-20 school in 4th Grade at Hamilton Heights.  

    • If you attend open house or if you are unable to attend, we will be sending home Huskies Friday Folders on Friday, August 23rd, with all important school paperwork. Please complete, sign, and return on Monday, August 26th, any of the papers that are in the "Return To School" side of the folder.  Please note, these folders will come home weekly on Fridays with all important paperwork, unless the paperwork is time sensitive,  and any completed assignments.  
    • A comprehensive list of student supplies that are needed for both Mrs. Bump and I's classroom has been updated on my website.  Students will not need their supplies for the first day of school, but will need them if possible by Monday, August 26th.  

    I am looking forward to another exciting school year with your child. See everyone on August 22nd for the first day of school.  

    Attached you will find a copy of classroom information and expectations. The information contained in the packet you will also receive in the first Friday Folder. 

    Any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or Ms. Hopkins.  


    Mrs. Bump