Mrs. Boward's Kindergarten

    About Mrs. Boward:

    This is my 14th year of teaching, and my 10th at Hamilton Heights.  I received my Masters of Education with an early childhood concentration in 2004, and began my teaching career in Prince William County, VA.

    About kindergarten:

    Socially: Kindergarten is the place where your child will learn how to be a student.  He/she will learn the school rules and classroom routines, as well as how to be a contributing part of a community of learners.  Honesty, caring for others, sharing, problem solving, and working together will be encouraged and modeled.

    Academically: Students will be learning the fundamentals of reading, writing, and mathematics; while science and social studies concepts will also be covered.  Students come into kindergarten at a wide range of ages and previous academic knowledge and experience, so instruction will be planned to challenge students at all ages and stages.    





    Ways you can help your child continue to succeed in kindergarten and beyond:

    Help your child learn to write his or her name using the appropriate capital and lower case letters.

    Teach your child to tie his/her shoes.  Kindergarteners should also be able to zip their own coats independently.

    Make a variety of books, both fiction and nonfiction, available in your home.  Books can be at different reading levels.

    Teach your child your phone number in case of emergency.  Sing it to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb.

    Read to your child every night.