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    Mr. Szagola


  • ZEARN   https://www.zearn.org

    Students can watch step-by-step videos (with  built in  problems) that  "reteach" exactly what I do in class

    Class Code: My HR = EP6U7F     or    Mrs. Dice's = AB7F2U

    Username:  First Name & HR ---> (example)  David5-1 (for my HR) or David5-4 (Mrs. Dice's HR)

    Password:   My HR = 5-1     or       Mrs. Dice's HR = 5-4


    EUREKA MATH  HW Videos --- for PARENTS

    watch how to solve one or more of your child's HW problems -- with explanations of WHY & HOW it's being done ---  this can help you TALK MATH with your child when  reviewing his/her nightly HW

    - it moves too fast for students to keep up with, so I recommend this for PARENTS ONLY

    - click the Module link below & then select which Lesson's video you want to watch:

    a. Module 1 lesson videos  ---> we're currently in THIS module

    b. Module 2 lesson videos   

    c. Module 3 lesson videos  

    d. Module 4 lesson videos   

    e. Module 5 lesson videos  

    f.   Module 6 lesson videos   


      www.Xtramath.org   MATH FACTS

    (addition, subtraction, multiplication, & division).  Parents can create an account via your email, or students can "Log In" from home using the following information:

    Email - david.szagola@casdonline.org

    Name - enter student's FIRST name

    PIN - each student has his/her PIN written down in the HW planner


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  • Yearly Activities

    Strings = Day 2 (Art Room) -- 1:40 - 2:10PM


    Band = Day 4 (Music Room) - various times from 9AM - 11:30AM


     Bible Release =  Every Thursday, mid-Sept. until early-April from  2:15 - 3:15

    (students miss 30 mins. of Sci./S.S., Special, & possibly Strings (if that Thurs. is a Day #2)