• 5-1
     Mrs. Davis
    Contact info: laurie.davis@casdonline.org
    Guilford Hills 717-352-2124

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     Directions for Zearn. Go to www.Zern.org  Put in your username and password. Contact me if you need your username and password. Select a Mission, this is the same as the Mod in our math books. Change the Mission number by using the arrows on the sides. Then pick a lesson in that Mission. You can watch any lesson in any Mission.

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  • Schedule

    Specials- Day 1 Music, Day 2 Phys. Ed, Day 3 Library, Day 4 Art, Day 5 No Special   

    Specials: 9:05- 9:50

    Math 5-1: 9:50-11:20

    Science or Social Studies 5-1  11:20-12:05 

     Lunch 12:05-12:35 Recess 12:35-12:50

    Science or Social Studies 5-2  11:20-12:05 

    Math 5-2: 1:35-3:05

    Recess 3:05-3:20

    Dismissal: 3:25- 3:45