•  Mr. Swindell's 1st Grade Website!


                           Welcome Everyone!

                                                                       You are GREAT, Show it!


                 Thank you Mike Thaler!

    This is a poster that the author Mike Thaler sent to the students after we wrote him letters about his books!






                             SCHOOL MOTTO

              Guilford Hills Elementary Panthers

                            are ready to ROAR!



                                SCHOOL PLEDGE

    Guilford Hills students show respect, own their choices,          achieve their best and are ready at all times!




     Students will:

    • RESPECT Treat others properly and correctly

    • OWN your choices Be in charge of your own behaviors

    • ACHIEVE your best  Do your best be your best

    • READY to learn Be prepared at all times.

                   MAKE SURE TO ROAR EACH DAY!