Welcome to third grade ELA!


    2019 PSSA Dates
    ELA: April 15-26, 2019
    Please do not schedule any trips or appointments on these dates.  It would also be very beneficial for your child if they were in school the weeks leading up to the test.  There is a considerable amount of review and preparation  a few weeks leading up to the test.  



    Read 20 minutes each night. Parents, please sign the Reading Slip on Thursday night and return it to school. 

           Some ways parents can help:

    • Listen to your child read aloud.
    • Have them summarize or retell the story.  This is the first thing we work on in reading, so they should know how to do that.  Please let me know if you need further guidance. 
    • Find interesting vocabulary words. 
    • Read the text multiple times.  time the reading.  use a funny voice - pirate, football player, baby



  • All specials from 10:30-11:10

    Day 1:Art Ms. Gillespie

    Day 2: No specials

    Day 3: Library *Remember your books! Mrs. Shaw

    Day 4: Phys. Ed *Remember to wear clothes that are appropriate! Mrs. Hammond

    Day 5:Music *remember your recorder and folder! Mrs. Thierry

    Lunch: 11:55-12:25

      Recess:  12:25-12:40, 2:20-2:35