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     Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Assessment


    What is the MAP assessment?

              This assessment measures student progress in Literacy and Math in grades K-5 and Science in grade 4.


     Who developed the MAP?

              The Northwest Evaluation Association is a non-profit organization whose main emphasis is to help educators with resources, assessments, and trainings. The assessments incorporate the Common CORE standards.  This is a K-5 measure that gives longitudinal information on your child’s progress.


     Is there research to support this assessment?

              Yes.  This assessment has over 30 years of research as this measure was first developed in the 1970’s.  You can read about the research on their website at http://www.nwea.org.


     What tool or scale is used to measure student learning?

              A Rasch unIT or RIT scale is used to assess what a student understands in a particular category.  Essentially, a student is given a series of questions (7-8 for each category).  The scale keeps adjusting until a numbered figure (RIT) is given.


     Is this a grade equivalency measure?

           No.  This measure does not indicate the grade level on which your child is demonstrating knowledge and understanding.  This is an independent measure of the academic progress and growth of your child.



     What categories are assessed on the K-2 measures?

              Literacy – Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Concepts of

                                 Print, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Writing

               Math – Problem Solving, Number Sense, Computation,

                                 Measurement/Geometry, Statistics and

                                 Probability, and Algebraic Concepts



    What categories are assessed on the 3-5 measures?

                 Literacy – Text Structures/Vocabulary,

                        Comprehension, Reading in the Content Area,

                        Interpreting and Analyzing Literature

                 Math – Numbers and Operations, Geometry, Algebraic

                         Concepts, Data Analysis and Probability,



     How are these tests given?

              The students take the test on the computer. 



    How long are the measures?

              K-2 – One session on Literacy – 30-45 minutes

                         One session on Math – 30-45 minutes

             3-5 -  One session each in Literacy, Math, and Science-

                          45 minutes to 1 hour


     How many times will my child take this assessment this year?

              The survey with goals test in each subject area will be given in the fall, winter, and spring.


     What answers will this give me about my child’s learning?

               This assessment will indicate where your child is at in his or her academic journey.  At the end of the year, you will be able to see the growth your child has demonstrated.


     When will I see the report on my child’s progress?

              At the fall conferences in November, your child’s teacher will go over the report with you.  The fall and spring assessments will be sent home with your child.



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