• The Chambersburg Area School District Social and Emotional Wellness Team invites you to explore health and wellness opportunities on this page, through our Employee Assistance Program, in our monthly health/wellness email, and through information from Capital Blue Cross!

    *Please note, this information is for employees only and not meant as curricular or as another resource for students.

    The purpose of the Chambersburg Area School District Social and Emotional Wellness Team is to promote awareness and acceptance of one's emotions or one's "SELF."  This awareness will allow you to meet the demands of everyday life....managing life's ups and downs.  We all know that the last two years have been nothing but a long rollercoaster ride!

    It does not mean that we must always feel happy.  It does mean that we are happy at our core even when we are faced with hardship.  You choose how to respond to things that happen to you.  You choose how to live your life.  You choose to be kind.  You can make GREAT moments even on bad days.

    Emotional health is strengthened by social well-being.  Social well-being involves "seeking positive, interdependent relationships by using healthy communication skills."  Social wellness is defined by your "interconnectedness with others and understanding how your 'SELF,' your actions, affect other people and your communities."

    So how do I focus on emotional wellness?  Stay POSITIVE, practice GRATITUDE, CONNECT with others, take CARE of your physical health, COPE by developing methods to use to deal with stressful situations, and RELAX.  Your TEAM is here to help!