• Welcome to Technology Services

  • Our vision is to provide anytime, anywhere learning and access!

    Student using iPad CASD Technology Services staff strives to provide and support the essential tools and skills required to make technology an integral part of the classroom.  Through a flexible and robust infrastructure, the District facilitates innovative instruction, supports professional development, leverages the use of administrative and business systems, fosters community involvement, and most importantly, improves overall student achievement.  The District has four Technology Services areas that are listed and described below.  

    Within each service group are very talented individuals responsible for keeping each our schools running on a day to day basis. The Technology Services Department is committed to the highest quality of customer service, while maintaining a sense of warmth and respect for all, by providing innovative, collaborative solutions in a fun and productive environment.

    To reach the Department by phone, please call (717)267-4490.  For a service call, submit a ticket to Incident IQ.

    Technology Services central offices are located at the District Administrative Offices.


    Technology Services Areas:

    • Infrastructure & Technical Services - Supports and maintains the District's wide area network (WAN) and a local area network (LAN) at school and administrative sites. This group maintains all server hardware, firewall and email archiving.  The ITS group supports CASD’s computing needs with desktop and peripheral support, multi-media services, daily backup, application and file sharing, and equipment repair.

      • Infrastructure & Technical Services:
        • Hardware installation
        • Hardware support
        • VOIP
        • Wireless
        • Filtering
        • Monitoring and maintenance
        • Network setup and planning
        • Network Security and Disaster Recovery
        • eRate
        • Streaming and Audio/Visual
        • Setup and maintenance of virtual servers

    • Applications and Database Services - Provides the foundation for student information systems, business applications and other applications and web-based functionality. They are also responsible for development of new applications or scripts, enhancements or increased functionality for existing applications, and support for district-wide applications. The SDS group is responsible for the installation of all file and application servers, policy management, helpdesk, software support and virus management.

      • Applications and Database Services:
        • Technical support  for software installation
        • Application support for various critical programs across the District including financial, cafeteria, transportation, technology, and communication software.
        • Database scripting and communication with other systems
        • Building Helpdesk support
        • Support Specialist for end users
        • Consultations and recommendations for software and database needs

    • Information Services – This group is managed by Diana Dittmar, Supervisor of Data Integrity & Accountability and Claire Weber, Data Coordinator.  They oversee the data flow for the District. This includes access within the student information system (Sapphire), data mining, PVAAS and other data systems. This group collaborates with other Departments to maintain the integrity and accountability of all data necessary to run the district. The group includes child accounting and PIMS (Pennsylvania Information Management System) which reports all district data to the state of Pennsylvania.  They also provide trainings and support related to District student data systems and data focusing mainly on Administrators and Support Staff.

      • Information Services:
        •  Data Rollover & Support
        • PVAAS Support
        • Customized reporting to pull data from SIS
        • PIMS Coordination and  Child Accounting
        • Registration Services
        • Training that supports the use of data and software
        • Inventory
        • Assessment Data
        • District website maintenance

    • Instructional Technology Services (Education) – This group is responsible for working with CASD professional staff including principals and teachers in helping them utilize technology in their curriculum in order to create a 21st century classroom that is rich in critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills.

      • Instructional Technology Educational Services:
        • Coordination of all technology related professional development
        • Classroom curriculum support and guidance on best practices for the integration of technology at both the elementary and secondary level including COPPA, FERPA and CIPA.
        • Instructional support of hardware including Apple products, interactive whiteboards, document cameras, etc.
        • Trainings on District initiatives and Summer Academies
        • Facilitate and coordinate administrative projects involving technology
        • Assists with technology-oriented learning tools for classrooms and Special Education including advisement on IEP committees for Assistive Technology