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  • Daily Schedule

    Morning:  Handwriting, Guided Reading, English Language Arts, Writing 

      Afternoon:  Math, Special, Content Reading including Science and Social Studies

  • Homework

    Students will normally have homework every Monday - Thursday.  All homework will come home inside your child's H.O.M.E. binder.  Please sign the homework sheet after your child has completed it.  Students should read take home books at least one time.  (Books with pictures in color must be returned to school the next day.)  Please remind your child to return his/her H.O.M.E. binder (with completed homework inside) to school each day.  Thanks for your help! 



    • We provide basic school supplies needed for the start of the school year including crayons, glue, scissors, markers, pencils, and H.O.M.E. binder.  Your child will not need to bring any of these items to school.


    • Items needed throughout the year:  boxes of tissues, antibacterial wipes, glue sticks, and Expo brand dry erase markers.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • Specials


    Day 1 - No Special

    Day 2 - Music 

    Day 3 -Art

    Day 4 - Phys. Ed.

    (Remember to wear sneakers!)

    Day 5 - Library

    (Remember to bring back library book!)


  • Classroom Rules




    On the first day of school, the students and I work together to discuss our first grade classroom rules.  These rules are written to help the students feel safe in their learning environment so that they are always able to do their best. 


    • Listening Bodies - I will listen and follow directions.
    • Raised Hands - I will raise my hand to share ideas.
    • Quiet Mouths - I will use a six-inch voice.
    • Walking Feet - I will walk in school to be safe.
    • Helping Hands - I will use my hands for helping and not hurting.
    • Caring Hearts - I will use kind words. 

    Follow the link on the left to learn more about the behavior management system we use in first grade.

  • Parent Volunteers 

      Help Wanted!!

    If you are interested in volunteering in our classroom, please fill out the volunteer form that is sent home at the beginning of the school year or contact me by email, note, or phone call. I greatly appreciate any help throughout the year with numerous tasks!  Below is a list of optional volunteer duties:

    • Help individual students with reading, writing, and math activities.
    • Cut and assemble materials needed for activities.  You may also choose to help cut and assemble from home.
    • Help with occasional classroom events.
    • Donate items for the classroom.

    Note:  To become a volunteer in the Chambersburg Area School District you must complete the following clearances:  Criminal History Record, Child Abuse History, and have completed a TB test.  If you are interested in helping in our room please visit the CASD website (www.chambersburg.k12.pa.us.org) or let me know and I will see that you get the appropriate forms.