• Fayetteville Elementary P.T.A.


  • President: Jen Clark                    jennyjay82@hotmail.com          Vice President: Amanda Kochel     ryanamanda@comcast.net 

    Membership: Kritin Beagle            kristinbeagle@gmail.com              Athletic Director: Cindy Chambers  cinchambers@gmail.com 

    Fundraising: Ellie Maenner            elliemaenner84@gmail.com      Hospitality & Volunteer Coordinator: Tori Browning  gtbrowning97@gmail.com

    Treasure:   Cindy Kehr                                                                Recording Secretary:  Sara Jones

    Yearbook:  Nicole Garcia





Upcoming PTA meetings

Sports Information


Box Tops

  • Box Tops for Education helps schools like ours earn cash for things we need from books & computers to playground equipment. You can clip Box Tops form hundreds of your favorite products such as Cheerios, Betty Crocker, Juicy Juice, Ziplock, and Kleenex

Ronald McDonald House

  • Send in your aluminum pull tabs to help us help them!

    Last year we donated $120.00