•  Yearbook Committee 

      The Yearbook Committee is asking for pictures of school sporting events and other school functions for this year's yearbook. We need digital photos! You may email them to Mrs. G. at roni.gingrich@casdonline.org or send the photos to school on a disk.


    Here are a few tips when taking photos for the yearbook:

    Move into the shot. A pictureSchoolCenter Pictureof the whole classroom leaves the faces too far away to see.


    Check the camera setting-5 mp or more is great! Minimum of 2.5 mp is required

    Smiling kidsSchoolCenter Picture


    SchoolCenter PictureAvoid blurry photos


    Concentrate on the kidsSchoolCenter Pictureand some pictures of other staff and volunteers SchoolCenter Picture


    SchoolCenter PictureTake as many pictures as you can, the more the better!


    All school events need pictures taken, special events, holiday partiesSchoolCenter Picture, field trips SchoolCenter Picture, special speakers, assemblies, gym SchoolCenter Picture, art , music SchoolCenter Picture, library  SchoolCenter Picture, support staff, lunch SchoolCenter Picture,  & spirit week  SchoolCenter Picture.


    Thank you in advance for providing photos for our yearbook and making it as complete as possible!


  • A HUGE thank you to Lisa Fair for all your hard work on this year's yearbook! 
    The kids loved it!