• Home Enrichment Week 9 (5/26 - 5/29) Listening/Responding Activity: The Last week of School!!

    Week 9, Monday May 26 -- May 29: The Last Week of School!!

    Alternate Activity for May Enrichment/Musical Bingo

    Students may print the bingo card, and spend about 30 minutes each week completing a row or the diagonal. This activity does not involve extensive tecnology. Work may be shared as it is completed through Dojo or Class Tag, or through my district email: suzanne.thierry@casdonline.org

    May Bingo Card (click here to open)

    Weekly Listening Activity

    Music is a huge part of our culture, and is often highly reflective and influenced through events and trends in our society. Older music may also be easily relatable to current societal events and evoke personal feelings and connections.

    As you listen to the music, how and why does this music interest you personally? Might you be able to make personal connections and meaning? Also, in keeping with the CASD May Enrichment Project, can you relate elements of the music to the other subjects such as reading, writing, math, science, and social studies?


    K-5 students should spend 30 minutes each week listening to the music (from utube links**) of your choice as listed below. You may pick music from any of the 7 days. These selections were taken from the May listening calendar. I might suggest listening/watching the video more than once to really absorb the musical and visual content and elements.


    Primary students, grades K-2, are encouraged to:

    • Create colorful artwork reflective of the music. How might you incorporate elements of the music into the drawing? Also, add the title of the musical selection to the drawing.
    • Expand on #1 by adding a descriptive sentence or 2.
    • Create a dance reflective of the musical elements.

    Intermediate students, grades 3-5, are encouraged to:

    • Do any of the 3 choices above.
    • Write a reflective paragraph or 2 about the music. Some ideas to consider when composing the paragraph: how it makes you feel, the instruments you hear, whether it’s loud or soft, happy or sad, fast or slow, some distinguishing feature about the music that grabs your attention, how the music relates to your current feelings of being out of school and all the issues.
    • Create a poem.
    • Research the composition and/or composer and write 1 or 2 informative paragraphs.

    Work may be shared with me by Friday afternoons.

    Work may be shared through my email: suzanne.thierry@casdonline.org, Class Dojo, or Class Tag.

    **Parents, I would like to request you open the utube links for your children to view. All utube links have been run through an app that removes all advertisements.

    Utube Links (Some listening selections are longer than others; exact lengths have been listed.)

      **Monday, May 25 The Armed Forces Medley by the United States Marine Band (3:52)

    Enjoy this wonderful collection of songs representing each of our armed military forces as we remember all who gave their lives for our country on this Memorial Day.

     **Tuesday, May 26, George Gershwin’s Summertime (5:06)

    Jazz legends, vocalist Ella Fitzgerald and trumpeter/singer Louis Armstrong are simply magical.

     **Wednesday, May 27, Ray Charles Fifty Nifty United States (3:16)

    Dare I say this is probably the all-time favorite class song I have ever taught? Do you know your 50 states?! (Warning: this song ALWAYS gets stuck in my head!)

     **Thursday, May 28, The Osbourne Brothers’ Rocky Top (2:37)

    I’m sharing this great country tune. Fans of the University of Tennessee’s Volunteers will surely recognize this great toe-tappin tune!

     **Friday, May 29 Martha Reeves and the Vandellas’ Dancing in the Street (3:27)

    This is one of my absolutely favorite Motown songs, and I always play it on the last day of school to celebrate a great year of school and in anticipation of a fun and relaxing summer. Have a great summer vacation, friends, and I will see y’all in the fall. (And Roll Tide while I’m at it!!)

     **Saturday, May 30, from the “Sound of Music” So Long, Farewell (2:49)

    I’m saying good bye for now, friends, but look forward to seeing everyone in August and singing together once again. So long and farewell for now. Stay safe and healthy. And remember, always keep a favorite song tucked deep in your pocket.

     **Sunday, May 31, The Beach Boys’ Fun, Fun, Fun (2:17)

    p.s. My motto for the summer: be sure to have lots of “Fun, Fun, Fun.”