Educational Pathways 

    Preparing Students for a Career

    The Chambersburg Area School District believes that preparation for a career is an integral part of your child's education. With the creation of new technologies, emerging markets, and constant changes in the workplace, students must not only be prepared to enter a career field, they must also be prepared for a lifetime of learning and re-education.

    Educational Pathways is a program of career exploration and instruction. The purpose of this program is to provide a fully integrated K through 12 curriculum-based program for all students. Educational Pathways fosters student motivation, career awareness, and career exploration with a focus on lifelong learning and decision-making.

    Starting in 8th grade, students are encouraged to think seriously about their futures, to select a career area, and to form an individual career plan which will continue throughout each student's high school years. The pathways are flexible and allow students to change directions if new career interests arise. Upon graduation students will focus on a career and be prepared for further instruction at a college, university, trade school, or begin their chosen career.

    Educational Pathways provides a win-win experience for all stake holders: students, parents, funding sources, community, and faculty. Parents are encouraged to become actively involved with their children's curriculum choices and join in the effort of preparing them for a rewarding career.

    Preparing Students for the Future by:

    • Obtaining Work Experience
    • Exploring Careers
    • Developing Employability Skills
    • Increasing Academic Focus
    • Discovering Job Market Opportunities
    • Meeting with Franklin County Employers
    • Adopting a Mature Outlook