• Keystone Exams


    The information below was distributed to
    students on Tuesday, May 9th. 

    The Keystone Exams will be administered beginning May 15-18 for the following students:

    Grades 9-11 students who are enrolled in the Algebra I and students who have not taken the Algebra exam. 

    Grade 9 students enrolled in Honors Biology, Grade 10 students enrolled in Biology II and Grade 11 students who are enrolled in Biology and students who have not taken the Biology exam.

    Grade 10 students enrolled in American Literature and Composition II (Honors, CP and general) and grade 11 students who have not taken the Literature exam.

    In order to administer these important exams, CASHS will operate on the modified schedule listed below:

    Monday, May 5, - 3 Hr. Delay Schedule
    Algebra & Literature - Mods 1

    Testing:     8:00 - 10:56

    Period 1:  11:11 - 11:43

    Period 4:  11:47 -   1:17

    Period 2:    1:31 -   2:01

    Period 3:    2:05 -   2:45


    Tuesday, May 6 - 3 Hr. Delay Schedule

     Algebra & Literature - Mods 2

    Testing:     8:00 - 10:56

    Period 5:  11:11 - 11:43

    Period 4:  11:47 -   1:17

    Period 6:    1:31 -   2:01

    Period 7:    2:05 -   2:45


    Wednesday, May 17 - 2 Hr. Delay Schedule

    Biology - Mod 1
    Testing:     8:00 -    9:56


    Thursday, May 18 - 2 Hr. Delay Schedule

    Biology - Mod 2

    Testing:        8:00 -  9:56

    ALPHA HR:  10:00 - 11:15

    (students can utilize this time to work with teachers for any help needed)

    Period 4:      11:15 -12:45


    ***All students who are able to be transported to school after the testing sessions, but at the beginning of the delay schedule, will report to the appropriate class according to the schedule above.  The delay schedule includes a 3-hr delay on Monday, May 15 and Tuesday, May 16 and a 2-hr delay on Wednesday, May 17 and Thursday, May 18.  Friday, May 19, will operate on a regular day.


    All school busses will run on a regular schedule.  No busses will run for the delayed schedule.   Students who do not have their own transportation for the delayed schedule will be expected to ride the bus at its regular morning time and report to the auditorium for an academic preparatory period.  During the delay times on May 15-18, computer labs in the Business wing, A100-A106 will be available for juniors and seniors who are enrolled in Compass Learning and would like to work toward completion of required courses.  In addition, on May 17 and 18, the following Tech Ed classrooms will be available for students who need to compete projects:  Ms. Walburn, B119, Mr. Scanzello, B115, Mr. Moore, B114 and B115, Mrs. Barket, B113 and Mr. Miller, B105.