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    Honors and General Spanish I


    Daily Schedule 2016-2017


    Pd2  Honors Spanish I   

    Pd3      Honors Spanish I

    Pd4/5     Regular Spanish I   

    Pd6     Honors Spanish I

    Pd7     Honors Spanish I

    Pd8 Regular Spanish I


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    The World is Ours to Care for with our Words.

La Clase de la Señora Montha

  • Topics covered in Spanish I

    • *Saludos y Despedidas
    • *Mi familia y yo/ la casa
    • *La escuela
    • Sports
    • *La comida/ el restaurante
    • *Health

My teaching philosophy

  • Belief Statements •Student, family, school, and community share the responsibility and accountability for learning. •Every student deserves a well-rounded education with high academic standards. •Every student can be successful. •Every student learns differently. •Learning takes place best in a positive and safe environment. •Meaningful instruction has a real-world application. •Learning is lifelong.

Syllabus Honors and General Spanish I