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      Señora Monn

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    Hi! I am your child's Spanish teacher this year. This year I am teaching, Spanish 2  grades 9-12. I want to help your child succeed in class this year. Please feel free to use the following email address and phone number to contact me at any time if you have any questions or concerns.



    Contact Information:

    EMAIL: kari.monn@casdonline.org

    PHONE: (717)261-3322


    For further information for class this year, please refer to the Community Portal Class Page from the Sapphire grading system.


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  • Mrs. Monn's Schedule for the 2016-2017 School Year

    Period 1: A314- Spanish 2

    Period 2: A314- Spanish 2

    Period 3 A314- Spanish 2

    Period 4 A314- Spanish 2

    Period 5- A314- Spanish 2

    Period 6- A314- Planning

    Period 7- A314- Spanish 2

    * Office Hours are every Tuesday and Thursday from 7:20-7:50. If these times to do not work, you may talk to me to make an appointment to come in for help.