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Course Basics

  • Cybersecurity-The course will be in a blended format which will be done via GOOGLE CLASSROOM with usage of resources from Cyber.org, Teach Cyber, and the use of Cyber.org Range, and other resources. The Google Classroom will be set up with daily agendas.


    Computer Programming (Intro course)-The course will be in a blended format with work being required to be completed from different resources, with the main resource: Carnegie Mellon University CS1 (CMU CS Academy CS1).  (Do not let the title scare you!  Students have really enjoyed this resource....graphics and animation programming)  Due dates will be very important to meet in this course, since the course builds on itself.  Any missed work DOES need to be completed and not skipped, especially in the CMU CS1 resource.  Students will be expected to complete assignments based on coding specific exercises, complete notes and reflections, and Creative Task projects throughout the units.  


    AP  Computer Science A- The course will be in a blended format based on a flipped classroom setup and based on the software language of Java.  This will require students to access given instructional content of the course outside of the classroom and be ready to participate with the content in activities and labs during class time.  There will be a Google Classroom Agenda that the students can access in order to keep current with the course.  Students will be using Runestone e-textbook, AP Classroom and its resources, and the IDE online browser of Repl.it.  Students will be expected to work together in pair programming/collaboration on tasks.     

Absence Procedures

  • 1. Check your Google Classroom for the agenda of the day!  You need to follow that agenda.   

    2. Get any missed notes from fellow classmates. 

    3. Make-up time frame is based on the number of days absence and at most a week before receiving a zero.

    4. Quizzes and Tests will be expected to be made up within one day of absence.

    5. Make-ups are to be scheduled before school, after school, during study hall, or lunch.  Classtime is not used to make up work or tests.

Classroom Expectations

  • Please bring me to class every day!!

    Also bring:

    1) notebook to complete great note-taking!

    2)iPad fully charged!

    3) Positive attitude to learn

    4) Follow classroom/school/district cellular phone policies