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  • 2019-2020 calendar 

    Algebra I

    Computer Programming and Software Development 

     AP Computer Science A






    Algebra I enrichment 


    IMPORTANT ENRICHMENT FOR Computer Programming and Software Development for MAY 2020: 

    CMU Python 


    AP Computer Science A:

    Check the Calendar and Sapphire Community Portal page



Homework Section

  • Algebra I-Homework will be assigned almost daily to enrich and practice the lesson from class.  Homework will be checked daily and be a part of the student's grade.  Every once in awhile, an homework assignment will be collected and graded for accuracy.  Students not completing homework assignments could be required to attend Homework Center during lunch or before/after school.     

               -School 21 is an online resource that will be required for Algebra I students to complete for further reinforcement, remediation, and preparation for the Keystone Algebra I exam.  Information will be sent home throughout the year on this resource and its requirements.  


    Computer Programming and Software Development- The course will be in a blended format with work being required to be completed online, mini  and large projects throughout the course, and in-class activities.  Due dates will be very important to meet in this course. Homework can be in the form of completing online lessons outside of class to provide more time to work on projects and receive help in class.  There is a course calendar that the students can access in order to keep current with the course.   


    AP  Computer Science A- The course will be in a blended format based on a flipped classroom setup.  This will require students to access given instructional content of the course outside of the classroom and be ready to participate with the content in activities and projects during class time.  There will be a course calendar that the students can access in order to keep current with the course.   












Absence Procedures

  • 1. Get any missed notes from fellow classmates.  

    2. Algebra I-Check with your team for needed worksheets or other pertinent information. Computer Programming and Software Development and AP Computer Science A-check the website calendar

    3. Make-up time frame is based on the number of days absence and at most a week before receiving a zero.

    4. Quizzes and Tests will be expected to be made up within one day of absence.

    5. Make-ups are to be scheduled before school, after school, during study hall, or lunch.  Classtime is not used to make up work or tests.

Classroom News

  • Please bring me to class everyday!!

    Also bring:

    1) math notebook with completed homework

     (preferably a 2" binder with dividers and pockets)

    2) Calculator (does not have to be graphing)

    3) positive attitude to learn mathematics