• Ms. Barnhart 

     Honors Latin I, Honors Latin II,  IB Latin I, IB Latin II

    (Grades 9-12)


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    email - katherine.barnhart@casdonline.org

    phone (CASHS) - 717-261-3322


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    Period 1 - Honors Latin I

    Period 2 - IB Latin I

    Period 3 - IB Latin II

    Period 4 - Lunch - Wave A

    Period 5 - Honors Latin I

    Period 6 - Honors Latin II

    Period 7 - Preparation and Planning 

    Period 8 - Honors Latin I



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    Honors Latin II; Period 1

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    IB Latin I; Period 2

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    IB Latin II: Period 3

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    Honors Latin I; Period 5

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    Honors Latin II; Period 6

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    Honors Latin I; Period 8

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  • Honors Latin I

    Topics include:

    • Basic Grammar
    • Vocabulary and English Derivatives
    • Mythology
    • Early Roman History
    • Roman Culture


  •   Honors Latin II 


    Topics Include:    

    • Increased focus on Grammar
    • History of the Roman Republic
    • Roman Culture
    • Vocabulary and English Derivatives



  •   IB Latin 








    Topics Include:

    • Review of Latin grammar
    • Advanced grammatical concepts
    • Translation of authentic Latin literature including Caesar, Horace, Catullus, Vergil, and  Ovid
    • Roman History from the Late Repubic through the Principate
    • Completion of IB Internal Assessment Project - completed during Year 1
    • **Image copyrights - Clipart, Microsoft Word**